Beneterra Consolidated Corporation owns areas that have been properly reclassified from agricultural use into mixed uses, namely--residential, commercial, and industrial uses in Negros Occidental, Philippines. Expanding growth thru these real estate projects with exquisite designs and masterplans will improve economic growth. 


Beneterra Consolidated Corporation in partnership with the Next Wave Builders Development Corporation and with their combined engineering expertise, technical innovation, marketing advantage, & entrepreneurial ingenuity, Beneterra and Next Wave commit to be part of the transformation and development of the country’s “Next Wave Cities”  


A partnership aimed to take advantage of the country's push for developing renewable energy sources.  Solar and hydro power projects are aimed to be developed on Beneterra Consolidated Corporation's properties to provide cost effective energy consumption in those developing communities within Beneterra properties.


Beneterra aims to develop real estate projects and add property value on those projects thru its property management programs managed by Beneterra's trained team. 

The areas where the company plans and develops encompass 500 plus hectares of contiguous land -- an empty canvass upon which "to paint a masterpiece" of sustainable development on.

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BeneTerra Consolidated Corporation

Beneterra Consolidated Corporation | 3F JLB Building No. 2, 3rd Lacson St., Bacolod City, Negros Occidental | (+6334) 434 3566 |