The Province of Negros is in the process of shedding its all too traditionally backward feudalistic practices and culture, in lieu of perhaps more modern practices and attitudes.   Beneterra aims to do its part in hastening this process of growth and aiding in achieving true all-inclusive development to unlock its true potential given its abundant natural and underutilized human resources.

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Beneterra's vision is to be able to play an important role in the transformation of key towns in the most progressive district in the province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.  


The company aims to be able to impact lives by providing the best possible homes for the growing population partnering with the nation-building financial agencies of the government to be able to afford a home for every Filipino.  


As a company, we strive to uplift peoples lives by providing opportunities to own a home for the people.  We want to create opportunities for employment through developing other industries, education, as well as tourism by attracting investors in these areas.  The company seeks possible partners in the development of these businesses through joint venture opportunities, long-term lease agreements, as well as open to equity participation in high growth opportunities involving basic services, utilities, education, and infrastructure leveraging the land and a growing population in these areas.    


in building the "Next Wave" Cities in Negros Occidental.

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BeneTerra Consolidated Corporation