Master-Planned Communities

An Empty Canvass...

Beneterra's land bank is replete with potential for development.  It is situated strategically within 20 minutes from a major airport, and 45 minutes from the growing city of Bacolod, Philippines.  It's topography is ideal for development being adequately rolling with areas of flat land.  Natural drainage is excellent with beautiful scenic views of the surrounding mountain range.  It also is poised to fulfill the demands of a growing population.


Beneterra owned areas have been properly reclassified from agricultural use into mixed uses, namely--residential, commercial, and industrial uses as the growing City of Victorias, and the adjacent Township of Manapla require land to allow for future growth as the population of both urban centers increases.  


Being that full urbanization, commercialization, and industrialization has proven to reach a point of counter-productivity and counter-efficiency as exhibited by badly planned and now overpopulated, over polluted, and choked highly urbanized cities not just in the Philippines but in different parts of the world, Beneterra sits in a unique position of having a chance to create a highly sustainable, better planned, and highly inclusive development for the cities and towns it currently actively plans.  


The company realizes that merely waiting for the local government in these towns to come up with the best possible plan for development may not lend itself to achieving the most ideal development that increases property values over time.  By taking the initiative to plan ahead Beneterra hopes to come up with the best possible designs that can improve peoples' lives. The company will continue to approach development from all aspects with the intent of focusing on the most appropriate and environmentally friendly programs and  designs possible.

BeneTerra Consolidated Corporation